История предприятия

Open Joint Stock Company "Factory of precast concrete products and structures" were created by transforming the state enterprise into a corporation and is registered in the Register of Vitebsk regional executive committee nationwide registration on Feb. 6, 1997 decision № 80 (re-registration - the decision № 569 of 05.10.2000 town).

Industrial Complex of precast concrete products and structures - the leading enterprise of the construction industry of Belarus, which produces a wide range of precast concrete, focused on the issue of industrial structures and housing, as well as to individual builders. The plant was commissioned in late December 1968 Launched at full capacity, the plant today is one of the largest producers of precast concrete in the Republic of Belarus. The total production area of 17,3 hectares. The area of production facilities is 28,691 m2

Production capacity of the organization is 70,3 thousand m3 with one-shift operation.

During operation of the organization released a slab of GHG, PSU, BAH, PRM, PC, PR, brands and platforms, blocks, FBS, ventbloki, column beams, balconies, farms, curbs, slabs mains, products for water treatment plants, bridges, elevators product elements .

In 1977 he released the first million m3 of reinforced concrete


миллионный кубометр

In 1980, enacted landfill capacity of 16 thousand m3.

In 1981, enacted polukonveyernoe production capacity of 16 elements of elevators thousand m3.

In 1982 he introduced the work of the conveyor for the production of roof slabs 3x6 m. In 1982 released their second million m3 concrete products.

The property company is owned by the Republic of Belarus and belong to it by right of economic management. Possession, use and disposal of these assets combine exercise within the limits defined by law, the owner and the Ministry of Architecture and Construction. The plant is a commercial entity, has the status of legal entity. The company has an independent balance, stamp printing, stamps, letterheads with its name. The combine is assigned a tax identification number. "Kombinat SZhBIiK" has no other economic entities. All the units belonging to the enterprise, are the structural units of the plant. The head of the enterprise is a director who is appointed and dismissed by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction works on the principle of unity of command and in accordance with the functions assigned to it, is responsible for business results. Convenient economic-geographical position in the largest transport junction in the east of Belarus, a well-organized production of flexible, skilled personnel, allow us to work with the most complex and urgent orders and consumers not only in Belarus but also in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Smolensk, the Urals and Western Siberia.

The spectrum of the plant from the individual and the individual orders to large orders of all types of structures of heavy concrete for residential and industrial construction, spetssooruzheny on existing series and state standards. The plant has the following economic activities: - manufactures and markets at negotiated prices prefabricated concrete structures, concrete products, concrete and mortar - manufactures and sells consumer goods, providing services to the population, provides logistics and freight transport work attracted - carries out foreign trade activities in accordance with the legislation - other activities not prohibited by legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus.

The organization works closely with several academic institutions: BNTU, UP BelNIIS, BelGISS, UE TSNTUS "," SRI ZHB "Moscow, Central Research Institute for the various RF PAD, RUE Stroytechnorm", UP Institute NIPTIS, SE Minskripproekt " AP "Belproekt", RUE "Belpromproject, OII OAO Stroykomplekt" SSI "Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering National Academy of Sciences of Belarus".

For 40 years, the company complete the construction of airfields and roads throughout the former Soviet Union and CMEA countries. Among the partners of the plant: RAO Gazprom, the Ministry of Defense of Russia and Belarus, the airports from Nizhnevartovsk to the Crimea. Experience of working with partners, long-standing ties with the factories, suppliers of cement, metal, gravel and filling materials, other components and materials can combine to quickly equip the production and ship the products to the customer.