Quality Policy

The main mission of our trust - production of construction and installation work in accordance with customer requirements, producing high-quality concrete products, structures and other products, and providing financial profit.

Our goals:

• Increasing the profitability of production;

• Improved technology works;

• Increased staff satisfaction and competence;

• Be a leader in the manufacture of precast concrete products, structures and ready-mix concrete, maintaining the previously mastered the market and maintain a quality management system in working condition;

• Production of high quality and reasonable prices for consumers;

• Involvement of all employees of the organization in quality management process, creating the conditions for maximum disclosure of their professional capacity;
• Continuous improvement of living standards and welfare of employees of the organization.

be achieved:

• A clear statement and bring the leadership of the organization to staff the main directions, objectives, strategic quality requirements;

• Improving the organizational structure, creating a team of like-minded;

• Objective evaluation of each employee and each department, to establish clear responsibility and accountability for managing all activities;

• Rational selection of personnel, their systematic training and awareness in the field of quality;

• Regular appraisal of staff;

• Reduction of production costs.

Guide Orshansky Building Trust № 18 "shall fully comply with quality policies, and encourages v all employees to do likewise.

General Director of JSC "Orsha Building Trust № 18"
S.V. Chelobitchikov